Zeijlmans Coaching & Training provides services in personal development.

For coaching, issues like:

  • How to get ‘to the next step/level’ in my career?
  • Am I about to burn out…?
  • What do I really want?
  • I need to make a choice/ decision, but how do I pick?
  • How to deal with insecurity?
  • How to find a work-life balance?
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • How can I maintain a more visible profile?
  • How to strive for perfectionism in a positive way?
  • How to deal with other people in a positive and professional way?

If you feel the above issues are relevant to your personal situation, a personalized coaching and or trainingprogram could be very beneficial. My style of coaching is described as open, pragmatic, honest and collaborative.

Carlien ZeijlmansAbout: Carlien Zeijlmans (MSc) graduated in 1996 from the University of Utrecht.

After several years as a consultant in the Recruitment Business, I wanted to add more value to the proces of guiding candidates and started working for Bureau Zuidema, the Influence Company (2001). Providing communication and behavioral training has given me a profound insight in both the development of people in their careers as in their personal lives.

In 2005 I started my own business: Zeijlmans Coaching & Training. I’m a businesspartner for several major companies.

I consider English to be my very close second language to my Dutch, given the fact that I’ve been involved with an English speaking partner for over 13 years (New Zealand) and have been working with international clients for the last 10.

Please feel free to contact me on +31642309575 or carlien@zeijlmans.com