Retreat August 24-27 2020

How was your summer? Are you fully charged to go out and make the last five months of the year your best ones? Do you have enough energy and wisdom to make the 2020 results something to be proud of?

If you can use some inspiration, I invite you to my 2020 Retreat in De Sterrenberg in Otterlo.

What’s a Retreat anyway?
The word Retreat comes from the Latin verb “To pull back”. It gives you an opportunity to step away from your daily business and to give undisturbed attention on what you want to focus on.
Do you have a project that you can’t find the time for?
Is your career still on the right track?
Do you feel the need to take some time just for yourself to reflect and re-energise?
Are you avoiding making time to really look at how the divorce affected you?
Do you need time to finally write that song?

The program starts with an online intake session. During which we determine where you are, what you want to focus on and what you need in order to do that.

On August 24 2020 the Retreat starts at 20 hrs in hotel De Sterrenberg in Otterlo. A lovely hotel with nice rooms, white beds and luxurious bathrooms. It’s located on National Park De Hoge Veluwe and it’s gorgeous.

Every morning at 9 we gather together for inspiration. Using what you told me during the intake session, I will feed you with inspiration and knowledge, but for now, think of themes like

  • What are my values (what makes all my hard work worthwhile)?
  • Which roles can I define in my life and do they get the attention they need?
  • What do Tony Robbins, Kerwin Rae, Aristotoles, Peter Crone, Byron Katie, Brené Brown, Dr Phil and some others have to say that matters to me?
  • Go big or go home! How do you deal with Imposter Syndrome?
  • In addition to the above I will present different topics that are relevant for your individual process.

After the group session you proceed on your own. Go for a long walk, get to work in your lovely room or relax in the beautiful spa. It’s all good.

On several set times there are inspirational sessions and of course breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything is made with local organic produce.

It is an individual Retreat in a group setting. That means you don’t need to do anything with the other participants. It’s your personal process. But, be assured the other participants are just as inspirational as you are, so maybe they can add to your succes. There is a library where you can meet if you need some contact. But if not, all good too.

On Thursday 27th of August the Retreat ends at midday and you go home with a full heart.

Cost monday – thursday €1.000,- ex VAT including all accomodation cost

For more information or to enter the Retreat: +31 (0)6 42 30 95 75
or email Carlien